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Located in Canmore, Alberta, Dharma Spirit’s mission is to provide the best possible up to date Holistic Health Care for all people. Whether you want to optimize your health and energy, be pro-active towards family hereditary markers or deal with a pre-existing chronic health challenge, this is the place for you.

Dharma Spirit was founded in 1994 by Katherine Labonte and offers a wide range of holistic healing methods incuding:

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What is Dharma?

“Dharma” is a Sanskrit word that means teaching, truth, that which supports, sustains, and upholds. The truth of things as they are, like the earth that upholds us. Dharma is that which alleviates, heals, and restores. To align with Dharma puts an end to conflict and brings about unity and harmony, developing love and interconnectedness. It is the underlying truth of all spiritual paths.

The highest dharma is to recognize, and live in accordance with the truth in one’s own heart (Sadguru). It is personal alignment with a higher Truth, a divine or creative principal which guides a lifestyle that leads to personal liberation. To follow your Dharma is to take the path that leads you from suffering to joy. Dharma is a way of life that aligns your body, mind, and soul in balance with your true nature and divine will.

"Dharma brings as its consequence happiness. It is that which elevates one, which leads you to the path of perfection and glory. Following one's one's dharma leads to the attainment of one's total cessation of pain, and attainment of eternal bliss. Self-realization is the highest dharma." — Sri Swami Sivananda

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Happy Hound B&B opening soon for 5 day cleanse retreats!

Upcoming I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapy Foundation Certification Training:
March 28 to April 6, 2017
October 15 (Sunday) to October 24 (Tuesday), 2017

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Private IACT Foundation Certification Training available upon request:

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Private Yoga / Meditation classes now available.

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